The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where meals are created and where family and friends gather. Unique in the home for its dual purpose of reflecting the style preferences of the home owners and the need for functionality. 

A well-designed and crafted kitchen will echo the unique vision of its owners from design, selection of features and choice of materials. Every detail can be customized to reflect your family’s unique needs and at Accord Cabinets, kitchen cabinets are manufactured right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


Traditional-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant craftsmanship marked by refined details, classic design elements, and features originating from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century define the characteristics of a Traditional-style Kitchen. Whereas, modern kitchen designs often focus on minimalism, traditional kitchen designs favour elegance and ornamentation to create a result that is timeless. 

The layout of the traditional kitchen focuses on optimizing space. When considering your Traditional Kitchen, you need to begin the design process with a discussion of where you would like to place large appliances. This is followed with an understanding of storage and functionality needs and finally a review of design preferences. 


European-Style Kitchen Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets are among the most sought-after cabinets in re-modelling projects today. Defined by their sleek, contemporary designs, the primary characteristics of European-style Kitchens are the use of clean, sleek lines and a minimal amount of cabinet detail. The frameless cabinetry construction method is used and regularly features a flat panel or “slab” style door and drawer front.  

Cabinets will display simple, flat surfaces that are unadorned with little or no hardware and flush doors. They will rarely use ornamentation and moldings, wood carvings and raised panel doors. Smaller kitchens can be made to feel more spacious with less visual stimulation. Therefore, the flat surfaces of European cabinets help to make smaller kitchens appear roomier. 

Finally, the defining element of the European kitchen is its efficient use of space. European kitchens tend to be highly functional. As you will see below, when designing your contemporary European-style Kitchen… it’s all in the details. 


Contemporary-Style Kitchen Cabinets

The term “Contemporary-style Kitchen” and “Modern-style Kitchen” are often used interchangeably. The main characteristics of the Contemporary-style Kitchen are the use of clean, sleek lines and a minimal amount of cabinet detail. Strong emphasis is placed on accenting linear, horizontal lines. The frameless cabinetry construction method is used and commonly features a flat panel or “slab” style door and drawer front. 

When a European kitchen is adorned with texture and patterns, it goes Contemporary. By integrating concrete countertops, glass tiles, imaginative lighting with carefully selected furniture, all will add an extra layer to the kitchen and distinguish it from the European-style. 

Contemporary designs will often include the integration of cutting-edge technology and the use of materials in innovative ways. If you’re considering a Contemporary Kitchen-style design, remember that a successful design blends functionality with personal taste. 

The contemporary kitchen can be soft and earthy or bold and bright. It will generally merge the need for high functionality synonymous with the modernist-design movement with ideas from traditional-style kitchen designs to develop a sleek but warm impression.  


Why Choose Accord Cabinets Ltd.?

The journey of creating your dream kitchen or bathroom begins by drawing the layout. Accord Cabinet’s unique use of 3D Design technology will greatly help you avoid costly errors by outlining how your vision can be realized within the limitations of your available space. 

Your professional design consultant at Accord will provide you with valuable advice on the principles of design & style, light & colour, functionality & efficiency, proportion & balance; all with the sincere desire to help you bring your vision to life…  and all within your budget. 

Please search our Photo Gallery for ideas and our Portfolio page for samples of past projects. 

When you’re planning your next cabinetry project, CONTACT US at Accord Cabinets Limited for your free, no-obligation consultation. We would love to help you through the process.

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Traditional Style

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Contemporary Style

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