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Top Winnipeg Kitchen Designs

Your kitchen is the heart of your home so your kitchen design should be a top priority if you’re building a new home or renovating your existing space. It is your place to gather, work, create and, of course, eat!

You will not find cookie cutter kitchen designs at Accord! We are all about custom designs for your kitchen. Ready to upgrade a builder’s basic kitchen? Have you found a gem of a fixer-upper that a one-size-fits all kitchen package from a big box store just won’t do it justice? Accord will meticulously design your kitchen to fit all the nooks and crannies of your unique space so the heart of your home gives life to memorable events for you and your family!

Planning Your Kitchen Design

We create the most beautiful and functional kitchen designs in Manitoba. Through careful planning, we can help tap into your dream for a custom kitchen that fits your space perfectly, executed to the highest degree of quality, and gives you that satisfying wow-factor. Clean and high-end, our design hinges on our proven custom cabinetry and millwork to create a workable and comfortable space for your friends and family. None of our kitchens come pre-packaged; to us, a kitchen design needs to be as unique as the people and the homes they need to fit.

Kitchen Design Style & Functionality to Suit Your Needs

From practical kitchen workspaces to luxurious entertaining, our kitchen designs impress, not just through style, but also with how well they work. Our team stays up to date on the latest recommendations for the best set-ups in food preparation, including compost, recycling and other kitchen waste management. We enjoy finding ways to give you the utmost in useful upgrades you didn’t think were possible, like a custom pantry, appliance garage, mini fridge, or wine storage unit. And we know how much well-placed lighting and a well-sized island can make all the difference. Convenience and practicality may be the must-haves, but the playful skill showcased in our kitchen designs is rooted in craftsmanship and style as well. Just ask our clients!

Your imagination is the inspiration for our innovative staff. And our experience can help guide your initial inclination toward the perfect look for you that will stand the test of time. Whether you lean toward the up-to-the-minute trends, like a contemporary flat finish, or the timeless profile of classic white shaker cabinets, we have the knowledge and ability to sync your wishes with reality.

Open Concept Kitchen Design

It’s common now for “open concept” living spaces to span the living room, media centre and various integrated seating areas, which can all connect with the visibly open kitchen. When the layout is seamlessly executed with well-placed cabinetry, built-ins and millwork, kitchens can seem much larger, integrating various aspects of home life and establishing connection across many “rooms”.  Throw in a gorgeous two-tier island or custom phone or laptop charging workspaces, and you’ll have a kitchen that is not a chore to be in, but a room that is perfect for the whole family.

3D Kitchen Design3D Custom Kitchen Design

Can you see it now? Let us help bring your dream kitchen to life. At our free kitchen design consultation, our caring and experienced design specialists know just what to ask to begin to get a feel for what you really want in a kitchen. All of our kitchen designs can be brought to life virtually to give you the most realistic vision possible of what you’ll be walking into. Do you have an especially awkward corner or hallway to factor in to the design? Seeing the proposed kitchen solutions our team comes up with in a beautiful 3D experience can help finally bring clarity to a design issue you may have been wondering about for years. Seeing how all the pieces of your custom kitchen dreams can fit together and come to life on the computer can make it all begin to take shape in your mind.

Add value to your home by following through on the ideas you’ve had for your kitchen. Bringing in custom woodworking and millwork specialists translates directly into a measureable return on investment for your home. The proven financial value for cabinet fabrication and installing a custom kitchen is there, and so is the value added to your life’s enjoyment of a space in which you and your family spend so much time. With as minimal disruption as possible, our team can design, manufacture and install a custom kitchen that increases the appeal and functionality of your home.

From consultation to design to precise craftsmanship of the kitchen cabinetry and detailed millwork you envisioned, our designers and expert are ready to pour their heart into the heart of your home.


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