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Step 1: Meeting with You 

The first step is probably one of the most important. We meet with you and find out what you want.

This meeting is exploratory and creative in nature which makes is fun. We will talk about how you use your kitchen and the general look and feel you're after. Do you want modern minimalist, country chic, contemporary, Mediterranean, or traditional perhaps? Many people come to us with their ideas for style, which is great, but once they see all the options available this process can either help solidify premade decision or change your thoughts in favor of a different design technique.

Once the general style is determined we will look at panel styles (recessed, raised, slab, etc.) type of wood (maple, oak, foil, etc.), colours (Remember it's all custom – you can have any colour under the sun!). We will decide on the finish, hardware and storage options. (There are lots of cool storage options and cabinet features available!)

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