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Custom Millwork

Millwork refers to any type of woodwork that is produced in a mill. At Accord we take on a variety of custom millwork projects for new home builds and home renovations primarily in Winnipeg. Custom millwork projects we’ve been involved with include, mantels, door casings, custom shelves and framing, and built-in cabinetry.

Traditionally, millwork throughout a home would typically be installed with the same colour and finish. Today, however, mixing millwork finishes and colours, and even contrasting matte with high gloss finish, is becoming more and more common. For example, you can create a unique and modern look using two different types of wood, such as walnut and cherry, to create the cabinetry and trim for a kitchen or living room mantles or built-ins. Or a set of painted doors could be installed within doorframe with a stained finish and trim.

Large Selection Of Millwork Materials To Choose FromCustom Millwork Fabrication

Design preferences are always changing in the world of home fashions, and millwork manufacturers need to be ready to produce a wide variety of millwork options. Our selection of materials gives you access to achieve the personalized and unique look you are imagining. From wall units, bookcases and display shelves to statement features like floating shelves, molding and fireplace mantles, there are no cookie cutter, pre-fabricated pieces that make you feel at home in your own space than a custom-made millwork feature.

Create A Great Home Workstation

Stop staring at that undefined nook or lackluster staircase, our millwork experts are just waiting for a challenge. Change an awkward, ill-used space into some really cool shelves for display or storage. Does your kitchen lack a good workstation for homeschooling or work from home setups? Instead of removing the family to tiny and separate desk stations in bedrooms throughout the house, bringing a custom school or work center to life in the heart of your home creates the opportunity for relationship and connection. Update your cork bulletin backboard to a true command centre with a contemporary framed chalkboard wall, charging stations, storage cubbies and a heavy solid wood beam to demarcate the space. Check out our gallery for some great ideas!

Create a statement entryway that unites form and function when you install crown molding or a custom ceiling treatment in a space that gives everyone the first impression of your home - with storage solutions for Manitoba’s essential outerwear, of course. And how long have you been putting off your own design dreams for the space you should feel the most at home and relaxed in of all? We can help bring that custom architectural built-in headboard, dressing area and vanity to life.

Outstanding attention to detail and custom woodwork used to be out of reach for the average homeowner. Today, homeowners know that custom cabinets and millwork brings is an investment that adds real value to your home. While our team will work to make a space decidedly your own, we also know the best ways to ensure return on your investment and enhance the overall appeal of your property. In fact, one of the best ways to add value to your home is to leave no space wasted. Custom millwork adds sophisticated details to a home that subtly speak of overall care and appreciation for the space.

Our Expert Craftsmen Get Custom Millwork Right

But not all custom millwork companies are created equal. To get custom millwork right means our craftsmen have an elevated skill level they bring to the table. Our team knows that having state of the art custom cabinet manufacturing equipment is only beneficial if you’ve got experienced hands to guide it. Wood will only stand the test of the time if sourced correctly and hardware will only add the right levels of sparkle and shine if it performs to the highest degree. Our team knows how to source the best quality wood and the hardware to hold it. In fact, every step of the creation of a project’s custom millwork is overseen and executed to the highest standards because we love what we do and we do it well. We’re a bit biased on our own work but we invite you to check out what our clients are saying.

Our staff combines industrial manufacturing knowledge with an artist’s eye for creativity and a craftsman’s sure hands of experience, which means we can take digital renderings and precisely interpret the designs into the necessary project components. Our team of experts executes design specifications to the highest degree of accuracy, which can then be installed with ease. Whether the design requires digital millwork manufacturing tools or a hands-on approach, our pieces are carefully constructed and quality-checked before assembly.


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