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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Fabrication

If you’re looking for a new look for your home or office sourcing a custom cabinet manufacturer is the simplest way to turn your vision into the gorgeous space to enjoy every day. From kitchens to personal or professional office space, home or business storage areas, bathrooms, entryways and more, Accord Cabinets excels at fabricating quality custom cabinets and millwork with style.

Our custom cabinet experts can help you match your cabinets’ style seamlessly to the various architectural elements of your home. Or if you want to shake things up a bit and make a statement, we can manufacture cabinets and storage solutions to make a bold impression and become a stand out conversation starter! Every choice is up to you to express your personality or your home’s character, from the materials you choose to the colours, finishes, and hardware you select.

Cabinets & Millwork for your Kitchen Renovation

In a full kitchen reno, choosing custom cabinets pays off when you remember how much use cabinets receive of all kitchen elements; you need to choose cabinets that are both attractive as well as durable and hardworking. Choosing high-quality kitchen cabinets and millwork literally creates the foundation for the workspaces you’ll need to support the cooking and entertaining that fill up a home. Appliances, equipment, fixtures and lighting are all dwarfed by the amount of cabinets and drawer storage you need. You want to know you’ll be happy with their look and style, and rest assured they will stand the test of time.

Open Shelving and Other Custom Cabinet StylesCustom Cabinet Fabrication

Taking on a trend doesn’t scare us. We will help you understand exactly what you’re getting into and how to detect the best in cabinet home fashions that will withstand any upcoming trend-reversals. Open shelves are one of the hottest looks and when pulled off with an intelligent interpretation can suit a space with perfect form and function. With the right kind of shelves, open shelving creates a really unique and cutting-edge style for your kitchen or office. Looking for an impressive finish? We know that wood is beautiful, and a playful finish or even colour in the cabinet and millwork fabrication process, can create just the right look to separate you from the pack.

Transitional Cabinet and Millwork Fabrication

Sometimes you need an expert to help you hit on the right mix of traditional and contemporary design. This transitional styling can the most effective solution when upgrading your kitchen or other storage spaces. Combine a few of the current trends, such as gleaming white finishes, with some traditional wood wainscoting and you’ve stumbled upon a look that is as unique as you are. During your Kitchen Design stage we consider your architectural style of the existing space or building era and can help steer you toward a look that can be both subtle and dramatic, stylish and suitable, comfortable and interesting. The best part, our manufacturing, fabrication and installation experts will make it come to life!

Quality Materials Equals Quality Cabinets and Millwork

At Accord, we don’t just deliver on style, we have offer up the best in high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Then we round out any custom cabinet job with reliable and durable hardware. Cabinet handles and drawer pulls can make a statement, but sourcing the best in quality materials will ensure you’ll go a long time without seeing any wear and tear from the oils on our hands. Large drawers slide in and out on metal hardware that needs to be strong enough to withstand rigorous use. Soft-close hardware is popular these days. Cabinet boxes need to be able to withstand the impact of doors and drawers being opened and closed on the regular for years. Soft-close hardware protects against damage from repeated impact, but you don’t want to be replacing any hydraulic dampeners too soon. We’re all about quality products but don’t believe us, check out what our clients are saying.

Our design team has the creative experience to elevate the aesthetic and provide added value to your property. We offer a free consultation to meet with you and discuss the exact needs of your space.  We have the 3D Design Technology to then bring your ideas to life and really show where and how the custom work will fit within the space. After our designers work with you to envision the space and build the design, our experienced craftsmen build each and every cabinet to the exact size and style you’ve specified.

When you choose Accord for your custom cabinet project you can expect a seamless experience from start to finish. Whether you style is traditional, European or contemporary, we're excited to meet with you – even if it’s just for advice and information. Contact us and let us help you get ready to get your cabinet project started!


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