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Our Cabinet and Millwork Production Process

How It Works

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Process

Step 1:   Schedule a consultation with us, where it’s convenient for you, either at your home or our showroom. We will discuss your dream kitchen or cabinet project and get all the necessary details.
Step 2:   To fully transition from concept to reality, a detailed analysis of your existing space must be undertaken. Doing so will allow for a precise template of the design to take shape and test it against the available space.
Step 3:   Utilizing the information from our discussions, your input, and the measurements of your space, we will employ our advanced 3D design technology to develop and present an array of custom design options and project estimates.
Step 4:   Once we have the details, specs and render plans, we move on to the construction and manufacturing of the new cabinets. Our attention to detail and our professionalism help our clients feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best quality cabinets in Winnipeg.
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